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What are the side cabinets? Sideboard purchase knowledge and matching skills


Sideboard, I think this should be one of the more familiar homes. The sideboard is a small cupboard next to the dinner table that stores food or cutlery. If you are lucky enough to eat a small hot pot, the countertop is in accordance with the side cabinet. Reinvented. The appearance of the side cabinet not only facilitates people to take food and tableware, but also decorates the restaurant. Then let Xiaobian take everyone to look at the introduction of the relevant content of the side cabinet .


First, the purchase knowledge of the sideboard

The sideboards first consider the location and function. The sideboards on the market are full of eyes. What problems should we pay attention to when selecting? Experts suggest that because the size of the sideboards is often subject to the location, the public buys the sideboards. Before you first understand the placement and size of the sideboard.

"If the table is wide, you can buy it bigger, or you can buy a few small sideboards. If you have a small position, you can only buy a small one, especially if the cabinet depth is not too big, otherwise It is too space-consuming and crowded."

“The sideboard should meet the requirements of placing ordinary wine, tea set and a small number of cups and pans. Therefore, it is recommended that the public should not forget the practical functions of the sideboard when buying the sideboard, and ensure the storage capacity of the sideboard. Can be put into cups, tea sets, etc.. After considering the practical functions of the sideboards, the public should also consider the location of the sideboards, because some wines and bottles themselves are exquisite works of art.

After fully considering the practical and decorative functions of the sideboard, when the dining room is large enough, it is recommended to match the two sideboards with slightly different styles and the same height and size, placed side by side on the side of the table. One of them is a shelf design with a glass door for storing and displaying tableware. The design of the glass door makes the sideboard more clean and hygienic.

Second, the matching skills of the sideboard

1. If the indoor area of ​​the home is large, the selected sideboard needs a large amount of multi-function. Pay attention to the design of the internal layout of the cabinet. The open floor can be placed with books, albums, decorations and beautiful tableware. In the middle part of the cabinet, a cabinet door can be installed, which can be installed with a flat-panel TV and storage of napkins, food, etc. More trivial items.

2. The cabinet style console extends to the dining table. An open kitchen that extends some of the cabinet functions into the dining room. Use the sideboard as a preparation table, install a laminate above the cabinet, and have lights underneath. Some foods that don't need cooking can be made here and served on the dining table.


Because you often have to deal with food on the desktop, pay attention to the cleanliness of the desktop when choosing. For sideboards used in the dining table, the cabinets are preferably of a drawer style for storing kitchen utensils.

3. It is a common decoration technique to place paintings and photographs on the sideboard. The style of the cabinet is simple and simple, and it is convenient to match the artwork. The width of the artwork must be less than the length of the sideboard, otherwise the visual sense will be lost.

Third, the maintenance and cleaning of the sideboard

Sideboard cleaning

1, daily cleaning, should use a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface of the dust, avoid using hard objects to wipe the cabinet surface.

2, in case of distress removal, you can use toothpaste or 30% of the cleaning diluent to wipe, avoid using chemicals such as acid, alkali and other direct contact with the surface.

Sideboard maintenance

1. It is recommended to place mothballs in the cabinet, or put some tea leaves to prevent mites and mites.

2. If you need to move the furniture, please lift it off the ground to avoid dragging your floor.

How about, read the relevant introduction to the side cabinet above, did you understand the contents of many side cabinets. I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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