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Small apartment decoration should pay attention to what


Nowadays, more and more small-sized houses are being renovated in various regions of the country, and small-sized units have slowly become synonymous with modern life. I still remember several years ago, economically affordable houses were all over 140 square meters, and a few years later today. A large number of small-sized houses have emerged, not only because of the limited land resources in Chongqing, but also because of the shrinking project area, and more importantly, the changes in the residential population and family structure. Large-sized houses in the past mostly served families of several generations, at least. It is also an adult child who lives with her parents. Therefore, people pay more attention to several rooms and several halls. Now that young people have worked, most of them choose to leave their homes alone, coupled with soaring house prices. Small-sized units have become a necessary choice. Therefore, because the occupants are different and the small-sized units are given different meanings in their use, we will discuss and analyze them from the perspective of a designer.
Designers in home design are mainly to meet the three needs of occupants, namely: behavioral needs, visual needs, and psychological needs.
The behavioral requirements mainly refer to the functional requirements that must be possessed in life, that is, to satisfy the so-called hardware devices. For example: You can't possibly have no fridge, washing machine, location to dry clothes, etc...
Visual requirements refer to the combination of colors and materials. They can be very harmonious, and they create a pleasant feeling in the environment, which makes the space more relaxed and has no oppressive feelings for people. As a hand-painted wall, it is to meet people's visual needs. You can create an atmosphere that produces a space-building effect.
Psychological needs are also subconscious and unconscious needs. There are three kinds of psychological reactions, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Among them, consciousness is only 20%, and 80% of psychological reactions often determine the final result of your space. Evaluation, that is whether it is comfortable, good space may make you unable to speak good, just willing to stay for a while, people have a yearning, this feeling is that your 80 percent psychological awareness is at work.
The designer's design meets three kinds of needs is just a basis. Just now I said that small-sized units have its specificity. Therefore, the following points should be noted in the design of small-sized apartment renovations: 1 Functional area sharing - conditional conditions in the living room Next, we will make each space independent, for example, we will set up a separate living room, dining room, study room, etc.. This is what we say, several rooms and several rooms, and the function of each room, but if it is a small apartment, there is no There are so many rooms for you to divide. The ones we touch the most are the zero-rooms, that is to say, only one room. Even the kitchen is open, and only the bathroom is independent. Therefore, many spaces must overlap, and even a single space can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a table can become a desk, and the role of a bar can also be taken into account. A tatami can be a guest bedroom while it is a study room.
2 Reducing hard partitions - As an effective way to divide a region, it is to create a partition. However, this principle seems to be impracticable here because the space is too small. We said earlier that we should meet visual needs. The best way is to let it be. It's a glance. If the kitchen is open, the restaurant that is connected to it will become an auxiliary space when applying kitchen functions. So, your kitchen is as big as a kitchen plus a restaurant. It's a simple truth to say, but some places must be isolated in form. What should I do? We try to adopt soft isolation. There are multiple ways of soft isolation. The so-called soft isolation refers to the form of isolation, but it does not block the line of sight. For example, we can use glass, either transparent or semi-transparent, or we can use gauze, beaded curtains, etc... This is also the case in many cases where coffee shops are used for decoration. Create the largest space with the smallest area. There is no need to use the door as much as possible because the population of the resident population is small and the significance of the existence of the gate is not great here.
3 It is the sleeping space that can minimize the amount of space used - it's plain that sleeping is only a bed size. When this principle was told to customers, most people did not agree at first because they were used to having a house as a bedroom. Unfortunately, there is no such possibility now, space is not allowed, limited space, Is it used for walking or for sleep that doesn't need walking? I think everyone has a right choice. In fact, in the face of small size, not only do we need a superb designer, but we also need to have the ability to turn around and say goodbye to past habits. Sleep should not be placed in a window, because when you sleep, you avoid the sun. Therefore, you can leave the biggest and best position for rest days when you can do more activities, leave it for a party with friends, and leave it for leisure activities after work.
4 focus on lighting effects - as long as it is a normal commuter (that is, we say that the nine-to-five), most of them go home is the palm lights, and once the lighting effect, different ways of lighting, the level of light , will let the original visual perception under the sun, into another look, like the original day to see the wall paint color, under the light, there will be completely different changes, the strength of the light will also affect the psychological. Therefore, grasping light is equivalent to grasping the effect. Light is the secondary color design. Most of the lighting now uses local light sources, multi-switch controls, a main light, and the era of bright lights is over. The role of lighting in the creation of atmosphere is very significant. Already the original lighting function is the main one, turning it into an electric light source space. Our Chongqing Berlin hand-painted studio pays great attention to lighting. In the future development, we will combine much of the lighting awareness in the application of the hand-painted wall, let our wall with the effect, so that the functional decorative lighting perfect display.
5 Do not use too much color for small-sized units. When designing a small space, designers should do some color cards in advance, choose the color you want to use, and do not consider materials. First use a color card to indicate The design cannot exceed four or five colors. Moreover, the color tone cannot be opposite. After the determination, it is implemented into the implementation. If you do not do this, the small space will appear to be too messy and chaotic because it will make the space feel smaller. Small-sized units should be carefully used with the family. Our hand-painting in Chongqing, Chongqing also deeply impressed this. When considering the color of small apartment, pay attention to the coordination and grasp with the surrounding colors. Let the functional hand-painted walls be functional.
6 Late-stage accessories should focus on the overall effect - I always insist that designers participate in the customer's accessories, and strive to play a leading role, because the designer's imagination is rich, when you see an item, not only to see this thing Whether it is good or bad, we must also consider whether it is in harmony with the overall environment. This is what the ancients called the “see the mountains,” while the non-professional heads of households on the contrary, the items they choose are very good, but once they are When placed in the environment, it is incongruous with the environment. It is like a camel suddenly jumps out of a camel. In a serious situation, everything a designer does in front of him can be destroyed. Therefore, do not think that the renovation is complete, everything will be fine, and design work will continue until the moment you stay. The owner also needs to consider the whole when purchasing small accessories. Consider not suitable.
The design of small-sized units is very important. Many people who buy small units are young people. They are looking forward to the moment of stay because everything is the first time. Everything is full of expectations. A good start may affect one's life. Find a good designer and do it step by step as I say. I hope you can have a wonderful home environment and keep a good memory of decoration.

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